How to reach and get around Mekong Delta?


Nestled in the southwest corner of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta region is a sweeping expanse of winding waterways and mysterious wilderness. The region is one of the most spectacular in all of Southeast Asia, the original home of many famous Vietnamese dishes and also home to many unique ways of life.

>>Ca Mau Peninsula

Getting to the Piers That Service the Mekong Delta

Once you are in Vietnam the next step is getting to the Delta Region. Traveling by private car is the recommended way to reach these piers. Buses in the region are unpredictable and can be crowded and hot. Taxis will likely refuse such a long trip from Ho Chi Minh City, or charge you an extraordinary amount for the trip.

A private car to either pier will only take around three hours and it will be three hours of air-conditioned comfort. Trained, professional drivers can take you on the fastest and safest routes, and eliminate any need to bargain or negotiate.

Cai Rang floating market (via Tour du lịch Miền Tây)

Can Tho Pier

After traveling to Can Tho Pier it is recommended that you take a trip to Cai Rang floating market. Cai Rang is one of the largest and most active markets in the country. You can watch as locals sell fruit and flowers from their boats to people on the passing river traffic.

After a tour of the floating market, take a boat trip around the river islands, making a stop at a nearby orchard, where you can enjoy a fragrant and interesting experience. Canh cua and many other local delicacies are available in this area.

Cai Be Pier

Cai Be is the other popular destination for travelers looking to enter the Mekong Delta area. It boasts a floating market of its own and is an hour-long boat-ride away from Vinh Long, the capital city of the area.

There are many old traditional houses in the area. If you have time, you can visit Dong Hua Hiep Old House, which was restored under an agreement between the Japanese and Vietnamese governments. These traditional houses will give you a true sense of Vietnamese history.

Getting around Mekong Delta by boat (via Justgola)

Getting Around the Mekong Delta

Once you have arrived, the best way to get around the region is by boat. The amount of water in the area fluctuates with the season but it is still invariably best to travel by boat. This is not easy to accomplish alone. Many local boat operators do not speak much English and it may be difficult to know exactly where you are in the delta.

As you float through the often misty and foggy rivers and tributaries that link the region, it will feel as if you have stepped back in time or been transported to another world. This serene and peaceful place, where everything feels languid and the locals seem friendly and interested, will surely earn your admiration and appreciation. You are recommended to bring a knowledgeable guide with you.

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