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Most popular Thailand beer brands (Part 2)

Beer was originally introduced to Thailand by European visitors, but since 1933, Thais have been brewing their own. Here’s a guide to the best beers to drink in Thailand.

Chongfah Beach Resort

Chongfah Khao Lak Resort is small boutique resort situated alongside panorama Andaman sea in Khao Lak. Let's experience the peace and natural beauty of Khao Lak, escape to the resort with warm and friendly atmosphere.

5 majestic mountains in Vietnam to conquer

If you are interested in conquering the challenging mountains, then you should make plans to conquer these 5 mountains in Vietnam as listed below:

Most popular Thailand beer brands (Part 1)

Here are some of the best and most popular beer brands found in Thailand.

Bong Sen Hotel Saigon

Bong Sen Hotel Saigon aims to be the one of the leading Vietnamese-based hotels providing internet-based hotel room bookings and services to Bong Sen Hotel’s customers.